About Us

We’re an events calendar moderated by a small group of Portland-area BIPOC folks and white allies.  We’ll publish any and all local events that are related to the Black Lives Matter Movement where organizers are not explicitly working with the cops.  Please note that we are not affiliated with Black Lives Matter the organization.
Our intention is not to promote certain events over others, but to provide a community resource where event information is centralized.  We encourage people to make their own decisions about which events to attend.  We try to include information about host organizations and links to our sources so that people can evaluate whether a given events aligns with their values and the level of risk they want to take. 
We also encourage people to add events to the calendar using the Add Event button at the top of our site.  You can add events even if you are not the organizer.  There is so much going on and we are a small team, so if you see an event we don’t have yet, please fill out the form to add it!  This really helps us out!  Though please note, we do have to approve each submitted event on the back end, and it can take a few hours for us to get to it.  If your event has not been published by the end of the day and/or you have other questions or concerns please feel free to email us directly at pdx.blm.events@gmail.com.