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“Abolitionist scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore describes the work of abolition as “presence, not absence.” For Gilmore and others, abolition is not just about dismantling carceral institutions, but about “building life-affirming institutions” in their place.

Join the Defund CPD, Fund Our Communities campaign, Lift the Ban, and the Labor Branch, for a discussion about organizing for life-affirming community care throughout the uprising, the pandemic, and beyond. We’ll hear from organizers involved in mutual aid, tenant organizing, and the labor movement about what it will take to decarcerate care work and ensure everyone’s basic needs are met.
Watch this space for the final list of panelists.
[Image description: Greyscale image of a multitude of protesters wearing facemasks with the following text superimposed in yellow and white font: “Defund the Police!”]
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