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From Fridays 4 Freedom on Instagram:

‼️LISTEN UP‼️ This is the most important time of this WHOLE YEAR, so we will be marching in UNITY with other parts of OREGON and in solidarity with WASHINGTON, CALIFORNIA, and WASHINGTON D.C.

We will be in Portland the day of the election to shut shit down. This is HISTORY and you don’t want to miss this! Clear your work schedule and make time. This is deeper than just a march—this is unity. This is how we come together for a greater cause. LETS MAKE HISTORY!🖤We appreciate all the support!

🌟When: November 3rd
🌟Where: Revolution Hall
🌟Time: meet @ 5, march @ 6

Show the f*ck up Portland!

#blm #blacklivesmatter #pdx #portland #election2020 #march


Image description: A greyscale photograph of Black people of all ages in the 1970s raising their fists at a rally with the following text over layed in white and yellow font: “Unity march. All power to the people. West Coast Solidarity. We are the Revolution! The time for Change is NOW! We need each other because Together We stand Divided We Fall! Will you be on the right side of history? November 3rd. Revolution Hall, Portland (OR) Meet at 5:00, move at 6:00. Bring 3 friends, invite 5 friends, and wear a mask!”

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