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9/8/2020 update:

From @writeinteressaraiford on IG:


IG Design @lachicamx

“The role of an artist is to make revolutionary change irrisistable.”

Building a stronger and equitable Portland post-revolution will take all of us. So along the way, we are bringing moments and glimmers of joy.

It’s critical to remember “We protect us.” is more than a physical affirmation. It’s about our heart, and mind too.

Special thanks to @beaubeaubarina for helping plan this.?”


[Image description: Yellow background with white and orange design elements and a picture of Teressa Raiford looking to the left on the left of the poster with the following event text above, to the right, and below: “Artists for Teressa. Write in Teressa Raiford. Join us this month. Sept 8 – Emilly Prado; Sept 10 – Letty Isabel; Sept 15 – Jahdi Levvi; Sept 17 -Kingsley; Sept 22 – Bre DePriest; Sept 24 – Crystal Quartez; Sept29 – Lapaushi. Tuesdays + Thursdays 8PM PST.”]


From @writeinteressaraiford on IG:

?New Live Stream Series?


Image credit: @lachicamx

Join artists, from all disciplines, in a live stream fundraising series every TUESDAY and THURSDAY at 8:00. Venmo: writeinteressaraiford

*ASL being coordinated*

Coordinated by, and special thanks to the efforts of @beaubeaubarina

Id: A circle portrait of Teressa Raifird in the middle of a flyer. The flyer around it is pinks, yellows, and reds, with swirls and fade of colors. The text on top reads: Join us on IG Live Artists for Teressa. The text on bottom reads Every Tuesday and Thursday. On the side on the flyer reads Write in Teressa Raiford.

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