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From Seneca_da_Product on Instagram:

What is Portland’s Fund The Front Black Bucket Brigade?

This is a group of leaders and allies moving toward change, day by day, dollar by dollar…in an effort to create a sense of healing by the black leaders for the black community. We stand together on the streets of Portland while frontline leaders speak and a unit with black buckets welcome donations from those who pass by. With your help, leaders can support each others’ livelihoods. Frontline leaders are the few phenomenal people who organize and keep the movement going on the streets…fighting every day for justice and equality. Their presence is imperative. At the end of the day, total monies raised becomes a gift from one leader to another. This IS black lives matter. This is not just the slogan, but the real intention behind those three words. Your money speaks to the mission. When our leaders are united, the movement is on point. Put your love into the black bucket and feel good. #portlandprotests #blm #blacklivesmatter #portland #blackleaders #fundthefront #week2


Image description: Cyan background with a picture of an activist wearing their mask and taping up a loudspeaker. The following text is around the image: “Black Lives Black Bucket BLM Brigade. Fri – Sun Oct 23 – 25. 11 AM – 3 PM. Meet at Providence Park. Fundraiser.”

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