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From Linneasbg on Instagram:

The next BLM Art Therapy event is coming up in a few weeks and I am so excited for it. For those of you who don’t know about this event it’s for people in the activist community that have been frustrated and a good way to take out your frustrations is to create your own art and that is what this event is for. The event is September 23rd from 1pm – 5pm. Also if you are interested in donating your art for fund raising then the proceeds will do to a local black business or organization and the art will be put up at @spinlaundry also if you want to be a sponsor for the event and table please DM me, thanks you guys. Also the photo was taken by @samgehrkephotography and we are also in need for some POC speakers to.

[Location noted in comments as Irving Park!]

[Image description: Photograph of art supplies: pastels, chalk, and colored pencils on a table top with text superimposed. An outline of a Black power fist with a pencil in hand is above the text: “BLM Art Therapy 9-23-20”]

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