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From @LinneasBG on Instagram:

So I have noticed that there has been to much drama in the local activism community and that is not what we should all be focusing on all the time. We should be trying to work together and that is why I decided to make this event because art is a way that we can express ourselves especially. As an artist myself I take out my frustrations on art that I make and you should to, let’s take our frustrations through creating art and also be able to talk things out if you need to. Also if you are an artist that wants to make some BLM art pieces and want to sell them to the public then make sure you give the proceeds to black owned organizations or businesses.

We are also in need off all sorts of art supplies since the police took all the art equipment for our last event at the park near the Justice Center and throw them all away. Please bring paint, color pencils, paper, chalk, markers and more to the event to share or bring for yourself to use at the event.

The event will be at Irving Park and more info will be coming soon next week. So come on guys let’s talk things out and make some art. This will be a therapeutic art experience.

[Image description: a white flyer. A red circle with white text reads, “BLM Art Therapy. 8-12-20. 1pm-5pm.” A yellow hand holding a pencil pokes out from behind the red circle.]

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