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From @thepeoplevsice on Instagram:

“Come join us for some conversation over ethically-sourced coffee at Café Zamora!

We are creating an open platform for conversations around objective empathy.
All questions and voices welcome.

There are lots of scary things going on in this world, and ultimately all we have is each other. In the spirit of unity, we are providing a couple hours every other week to invite our communities to ask us questions about what we’re doing and why we believe in the BLM movement.
We want to open up the conversations to people who may be confused or nervous when they hear terms like “redistribution,” or “abolition.”

Please join us in our conversations over coffee every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at @cafezamorapdx, with @thepeoplevsice and @dialrforrevolution


[Image description: A painting of a pair of quetzals (blue and red birds with long tails) gathering berries, surrounded by branches, sprouting plants, and eggs. A yellow sun-like image is central to the painting, with the following text superimposed over it: “[Art: OliviaWiseStudios] Building Bridges at Cafe Zamora. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday, 1-3pm. Conversations & Coffee. @cafezamorapdx X @dialrforrevolution x @thepeoplevsice”]

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