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A celebration by and for Black folks, of Black joy, resistance, resilience, and excellence.

About this Event

Now more than ever is a time to use our imaginations and to be in community, both to live into a world that honors us as Black people and also for much needed healing to sustain that necessary world. First manifested as a summer-long live radio show in partnership with Bondfire Radio in Brooklyn, NY, “Choose Black Joy” Vol II. is a reincarnation of that program through a new collaboration with California-based organization The Center for Cultural Power. On every Friday night of September, The Black Joy Project’s Kleaver Cruz will be in conversation with a series of Guest Artists to discuss the intersections of Black joy, art, and related topics. We will be together to conjure joy as much as evoke it.

Meet our artists! The sessions will run as follows; Zoom links will be sent to ticket-holders day of.

  • Mystery Guest: Friday, September 25th @7PM EST, 4PM PST Zoom

Worth the wait to find out!

About The Black Joy Project

Started in late 2015, The Black Joy Project (TBJP) is a digital and real-world affirmation that Black joy is a form of resistance. TBJP has manifested in many ways that range from participation in an art exhibit at Syracuse University’s Folk Art Center to a live radio show broadcast on BondFire Radio in Brooklyn, NY, among many other forms. TBJP has travelled around the Diaspora and to the African continent, from South Africa to South Carolina to São Paulo and beyond building community and connecting with people around their everyday lived experiences as Black people as well as their understanding(s) of joy.

Note for non-Black folks: Your interest is appreciated, but these conversations are intended for Black people only. Non-Black POC and white folks can participate by holding space for our healing from afar and making donations towards Black led organizations that are dedicated to various causes in service of Black life.

[Image description: Green background with orange, purple, and white stylistic blobs surrounding a grey square in the very center with an orange circle and question mark in the center of the square. The following text surrounds the center square: “Choose Black Joy Vol. II. Mystery Guest. Friday Sept 25 @ 7PM EST.” In the white blob in the very right bottom corner is the following text with the organization’s logo, a pink, yellow, and orange mandala-style flower: “In partnership with: the Center for Cultural Power.”]

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