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From its start, the zine has been an easy & accessible printed form of spreading information and political & personal stories outside of commercial publishing pathways. It continues to be a powerful medium for amplifying and spreading narratives of grassroots movements that might face censorship or misinformation otherwise. Person to page to person (and now shared on virtual bookshelves), zines create an intimate and impactful experience of learning what’s happening on the ground sometimes even in other times and seemingly far away places.

The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is partnering with ZineCOOP in Hong Kong and Rabbits Road Press in London, plus Portland-based artists and organizations like Vo Vo, WOC Zinesters, and Don’t Shoot Portland, to share a sampling of vital (and often, beautifully-designed) zines about grassroots movements both local and around the world. Come immerse yourself in our pop-up reading library, learn, be moved, be surprised, be inspired, and imagine our collective, global futures. RSVP online and we’ll send you a special link to access the collection: https://designportland.org/festival/2020/schedule/dispatches-zines-from-grassroots-movements-around-the-world2

Photo by @katebingamanburt

[Image ID: two hands hold zines of all colors, in rainbow order]

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