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Hundreds of families have been meeting on Sunday afternoons to stand up and show up for Black Lives- this will be our 5th in a row at this location!

We gather in the shade at the Salmon Street Fountain (Salmon Springs) on the waterfront & gather up for 5-10 of listening to a speakerβ€” then march to the (in)Justice Center a few blocks away. To yell that BLACK LIVES MATTER, wave signs, chant and demand justice!

Thank you for wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing.

With Raising Antiracist Kids PDX.

There will be FREE FOOD, DRINKS & SUPPLIES provided by PDX Resistance Assistance.

Security and medic support from these angels: https://www.hunterlea.me/blog/this-cannot-wait-defend-and-uplift-bipoc-voices?fbclid=IwAR2swVKbIAn4k-n_VWnLHM54x6hU0aDpnPONl2mf9HQfNUrAT3Atfprbb0M

Donations accepted for speakers & support people via Venmo @tiffanykoyamalane

Please read update from 8/4/20

Dear Families Marching for Black Lives,

We have been excited to see families of young children galvanized and marching for Black Lives in the heart of downtown Portland. In the past few weeks, we’ve forged connections with each other, shown our children the importance of showing up for racial justice, and continued to grow and evolve in our acts of solidarity and alliance with Black Lives.

We are proud to announce that Taimani Reed, our fantastic youth leader Z, and Destiny, are the new co-leaders of the Families Marching for Black Lives demonstrations. Our march is centered on Black Lives, and we are thrilled to have it be Black-led by powerful, inspirational humans. Taimani is an activist, artist, educator, and mama of two. Z is an activist who’s led dozens of marches here in Portland and is also a proud Habesha 8th grader in PPS. Destiny Houston was born & raised in Portland, OR. She is a Mother, SMC Full Circle Doula and Community Activist.

Tiffany Koyama Lane and Beth Haworth-Kaufka will continue with FMBL by providing logistical and other support to Taimani, Z, and Destiny.

We are looking forward to marching with you next Sunday with our new leaders at the helm. Let’s continue to show our children and our community that Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity,
Z (youth leader)
Taimani Reed
Destiny Houston
Beth Haworth-Kaufka
Tiffany Koyama Lane


[Image description: White square with red border. Light grey text that is covered by a graphic image of a sun. Text behind the sun reads: “Families Marching For Black Lives”. The yellow sun graphic has red text that reads: “Time chage due to heat. We will march at 12:30!” A teal circle with the text: “Sunday 8/16” in the center in black font. A silhouetted image of adult walking with a small child on their shoulders, raising their fist. The following event text below: “Meet downtown at Salmon Springs at 12:30pm. March to (in)justice center together. With Raising Antiracist Kids PDX. ***Please wear masks and practice social distancing***”]

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