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From @_marzzx on Instagram:

Next Saturday the 24th, there will be a community showing of “I am not your Negro” at the Red House. This is a great opportunity to help occupy the Red House while creating an open space for us as revolutionaries to educate ourselves on leaders who came before us ei: James Baldwin. Join us as we listen and learn from Black organizers and revolutionaries that led the fight before us. Bring an open mind, a notebook and pen and be ready to learn!
Please help share and blast this flyer to our community!
This is a revolution, we ARE the revolution.

[I would like to add in that this is a family RESIDENCE, please be respectful and mindful of the space]

#redhousesoveriegnty #savetheredhouse #iamnotyournegro #jamesbaldwin #blmpdx


Image description: A greyscale image of the eyes of James Baldwin — Black author, activist, playwright, poet, writer of “I Am Not Your Negro”– with a filtered image of the Red House on Mississippi below with the following text superimposed: Movie night. Saturday, October 24th. Red House on Mississippi @ 6 PM. 4406 N. Mississippi Ave. I Am Not Your Negro.”

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