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We’re tired of the genocide. We’re tired of slavery. We’re tired of exploitation and mistreatment of our lands. We’re tired of cultural theft. We’re tired of the desecrement of sacred sites. We’re tired of violence against our bodies. We have been fighting for hundreds of years and we will continue to fight until the plagues of colonization and white supremacy have been eradicated. You cannot stop us, we have the strength of our ancestors.

There has been a nationwide call out for an Indigenous day of rage on October 11th. Join us in our direction action to dismantle the illegitimate state and decolonize! Show the fuck up! 🔥

[Image description: Flyer for a direct action called “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage”. Underneath “Day of Rage” the date reads Sunday, October 11th 2020. The background is gradient green, blue and orange. In the center there is a white circle with a beautiful drawing of 7 Indigenous women/femmes/two spirit people. The first is Indigenous to Hawaii, the second is from the Yakama tribe, the third is Mexica, the fourth is Yup’ik, the fifth (in the wheelchair) is Diné, the sixth is Seminole, and the sacred seventh is Ojibway. They are all wearing their traditional regalias. On the left side of the circle there’s text that reads “Indigenous organized”, on the right side of the circle it reads “Accomplices show up”.
At the feet of the 7 Indigenous people, is bold black lettering that says “Direct Action”. Everyone will meet at West Waterfront, under burnside bridge at sunset. Move at 7:30pm sharp.]

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