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From Justice For Patrick Kimmons on Instagram:

Remember why we are doing this: we do this for the man above, Patrick Tyrone Kimmons. Look at his face and understand, he did not deserve to die, and he was wrongfully murdered. Patrick and his family deserve justice.

Ted Wheeler and the state are not doing their due diligence and following thru on their word to reopen his case. So because they are being disrespectfully lazy, we are going to start flooding his emails with pressure.

This Thursday we will spend the first bit of the rally to draft emails together to send to the mayors office demanding a reopening of Pat Pat’s case! Then proceed to march and make noise in the neighborhood and our voices heard.

Plz continue to show up for Letha and her son. We want to emphasize here, just your mere presence, just you being there and standing in solidarity with this mission, is appreciated by the JFPK march team and especially Letha, more than can be put into words 🙏🏽 we thank you for your support, we are going to get this case reopened and we are going to do whatever it takes 💯

We’ll see you at North Precinct this Thursday.


[Image description: A photograph of Patrick Kimmons sitting inside of a vehicle with the following event detail text superimposed in black font: “Justice For Patrick Kimmons March + Rally. Thursday 12/24/2020. 11am-2pm. @North Precinct.”]


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