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From Justice for Patrick Kimmons on Instagram:

Covid has resurged by that doesnt stop Letha from her mission for justice for her son. We are aware of the risk of gathering, and, we are going to take every precaution to keep this rally safe.

Face masks required and we will observe social distancing guidelines and refrain from having any groups bigger than 6 ppl in a pod.

Letha wants to note that she is very understanding if folks do not want to attend tomorrow out of safety and quarantining, that is perfectly fine. She just wants the people to know she needs to keep the pressure on to reopen Patrick Kimmons case and we respect and admire her determination and conviction to do exactly that.

This will be a short rally 11am-1pm, and hope to see y’all out there 🙏🏽


[Image description: Square event flyer with a greyscale photograph of community activist Letha Winston speaking on a microphone next to a handmade sign that reads, “Re-Open Patrick Kimmons Case”. Above the photograph in black font is the following text, “Justice for Patrick Kimmons.” Below the image is the following text, also in black font,”Saturday 11/21/20. 11am – 1pm @ North Precinct.”]

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