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JOIN US AGAIN THIS TUESDAY! **Please note time change due to waning light** Tues 9/8 we’ll gather with masks and social distancing at Sunnyside Environmental School on the park lawn. There will be chalk drawing before the 5:30 speakers, starting at 5pm, so come early! Pdx Resistance Assistance will be there providing snacks and drinks- they will gratefully accept donations of prepackaged snacks and canned beverages.

Bring your masks, signs and chants!

Speakers/performers start at 5:30, then a short march! 🖤
#justiceforbreonnataylor #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justicefortonymcdade #justiceforahmaudarbery #justiceforrayshardbrooks #justiceforjasonwashington #justiceforquanicehayes #justicefordavidmcatee #justiceformanuelellis #somanyothers #blacklivesmatter


[Image description: Lime green background with black silhouettes of seven children of various sizes holding a variety of Black Lives Matter-related protest signs. Above the protesting children is the following text: “Kid-Centered March for Black Lives. Every Tuesday in September. 5:30PM @ Sunnyside School Park. 3421 SE Salmon Street, PDX. Chalk drawing & sign making @ 5:00pm!”]

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