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MARCH WITH US AGAIN! Tues 8/11 we’ll gather with masks and social distancing at Sunnyside Environmental School by the basketball courts. There will be chalk drawing before the 6:30 speakers, starting at 6pm, so come early! Pdx Resistance Assistance will be there providing snacks and drinks- they will gratefully accept donations of prepackaged snacks and canned beverages. Bring your masks, signs and chants!

Awakening Thunder, an Indigenous group committed to sharing their culture and honoring the land with drumming and song will open up the night.

We will have the honor of hearing from Marceau Michel, a prominent local activist and the founder and managing partner of Black Founders Matter, an organization that promotes diverse entrepreneurship and provides a direct funding path for Black led enterprises (https://www.blackfoundersmatter.org).

We are also lucky to hear from Taffida Darling, a mother, a community activist, and founder of Community Creating Unity Pdx.

We are fortunate as well to hear from Jahdi, a long time youth worker, hiphop artist, and local community organizer for the BLM movement.

We will also have a song from the amazing Bevin Victoria Solmon! Bevin is from San Francisco, CA. Portland has been her home since 2015. Bevin is a mom, community activist, Super Hero maker at Hyatt Training Gym, a Dancer & Choreographer at Hybrid Fusion Belly Dance & Fitness, and a Singer you can find on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/album/7E3F2B276dD3P7iSvrE8aV?si=VQi8llAeTQ2XVDGsaTbMoA.

Additionally, we will have the opportunity to hear from a wonderful youth speaker!


[Image ID: a cardboard sign made by a child that reads “Black Lives Matter!” with a green fist and a pink heart]

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