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FREE TO ALL – But we do ask that you donate (if you can) $5 or more to groundswellfund.org/donate-btf/
The murder rate of Black trans women was already at crisis levels – and this year it has DOUBLED over last year. Already 22 of our sisters have lost their lives at violent hands.
What is the cause of this violence? Why are trans women being killed? Why are Black trans women targeted? And what can WE do, to help?
Please Join Kimberlee Isaacs (moderator) as she sits down with trans advocates Kim Watson, Grace DeTrevarah and Bre Anne Rivera for a candid conversation on the root causes of violence against Black trans women and possible solutions. Sat. September 12 at 3pm PST.
====== KIM WATSON ======
Kim Watson is the Co-founder of Community Kinship Life, known as CKLife that assists affirmed men &; women with necessary life skills, medical needs, counseling, and access to the resources needed to improve their quality of life & contribution to society. CKLife provides a safe, secure space for affirmed people (& allies when applicable) to meet and learn about life inside & outside of transition. CKLife also sponsors a benefit to raise funds for the CKLife scholarship fund that has helped many affirmed people with paying for necessary transition related procedures. CKLife also participates in many conferences centered around affirmed
people such as WPATH, PTHC in Philadelphia, & many more.
People across the United States have benefited from the selfless acts of Kim Watson & the CKLife organization. CKLife has set a precedent for non-profit organizations that assist affirmed people and continues to do amazing things in the community at large. Kim is also the Author of her first book called The Modern Day Woman.
====== GRACE DETREVARAH ======
Grace DeTrevarah is the LGBTQ Liaison & Senior Peer Educator at the Osborne Association: Wellness & Prevention Dept. – A social justice organization which provides services for individuals communities who are affected by the criminal justice system. In 2017 Osborne created the LGBTQ component to serve LGBTQ community. Grace has been an important asset with this work. Offering great experience, dedication and, love the community which she serves.
Grace works to ensure that LGBTQ people are able to progress in climates not always open for inclusion. Grace has become a “force” regionally and nationally for their “motivational and empowering presentations” on Re-entry and Health regarding LGBTQ community.
Grace is a life-long advocate- activist.
====== BRE RIVERA ======
Bré Anne Rivera lives her life boldly and unapologetically advocates for issues most impacting the lives of black trans people. She is the Program Fellow of the Black Trans Fund, an incubated fund of the Groundswell Fund that is rooted in her experience as a former executive director of an under-resourced grassroots organization and her commitment to supporting abundance within Black trans movements.
Before joining the Groundswell Fund team, Bré worked as a research assistant at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and as an HIV intervention specialist at Wayne State University School of Medicine and Detroit Medical Center. Bré was a founder and served as Executive Director of Trans Sistas of Color Project- Detroit, the first non-profit in Michigan that centers and is run by transwomen of color.
Bré lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her partner and spends her free time hiking in the Sandia mountains. She is an active board member of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, Grantmakers for Girls of Color, and Positive Women’s Network-USA.
About Black Trans Fund (Groundswell Fund program)Groundswell is incubating the Black Trans Fund (BTF), directed by Bré Rivera, for the next two years. Bré’s vision for the Black Trans Fund is rooted in her experience as a former executive director of an under-resourced grassroots organization and her commitment to supporting abundance within Black trans movements.
The Black Trans Fund is a groundbreaking endeavor: the first national fund in the country dedicated to uplifting and resourcing Black trans social justice leaders. BTF seeks to address the lack of funding for Black trans communities in the U.S. through direct grantmaking, capacity building support, and funder organizing to transform philanthropy.
[Image description: Picture of ARMs logo, multicolored arms and hands holding onto each others’ wrists to form a circle with the following text: “ARMS South Bay L.A.” Pictures of three different Black women, each looking at the camera and the following text: “Live Panel – Black Trans Lives Matter. Bre Anne Rivera (Groundswell Fund), Grace DeTrevarah (the Osborne Association), Kim Watson (CKLife)”]
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