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From Resolutions Northwest:

Connect and collaborate with mediators and peacemakers from across the state!

This 2-day training will cover the following topics:

  • Balancing power imbalance
  • How to co- particularly as POC if co-ing with white mediator
  • How to address microaggressions
  • Credentialing and what it would mean for folx of color
  • How to support each other as mediators of color
  • How to interrupt and when in regards to equity
  • How do we heal from past traumas as POC
  • How to address white supremacy
  • Addressing how white supremacy shows up in systems including mediation
  • How does trauma show up in the mediator
  • Addressing cultural differences

Saturday, October 17th, 12-4:30pm

Two sessions: community for first half then featured panelists for second half

Monday, October 19th, 4:30-6:30pm

One session: skill building and mocks


[Image description: Image of a Black person wearing a hair wrap and a flannel looking down toward the bottom right of the event poster. A red colored map of the state of Oregon with a raised fist in the center with the letters “RNW” at the bottom. The following event text is in the center: “Resolutions Northwest.org/events. Mediators of Color Virtual Gathering. Connect with mediators & peacemakers from across the state! Saturday, October 17th / 12-4:30pm; Monday, October 19th / 4:30-6:30pm”]

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