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Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship offers a walking meditation, circling City Hall, in support of Black Lives Matter. The meditation is livestreamed so that people may join us from home if they prefer.

At this masked, physically distanced gathering, we will walk meditatively around City Hall, present for the suffering caused by racist violence and police brutality. We passionately re-commit to dismantling systemic racism, and we circle City Hall to bring attention to the need for our city officials to be stronger in their rejection of white supremacy by enacting anti-racist policies that restrict the power of the police and institute equal justice for all.
This is a weekly event, and now that Chapman Park is closed, we have moved to City Hall with our protest.
Please weigh your risk factors of exposure to Covid-19, take into consideration the weather, and make the best choice for your personal situation: to join us in person or on Livestream.
If you join us in person, wear masks and/or face shields. We will rely on physical distance as the best way to respect each other’s presence and participation. Public toilets may not be available.
Accessibility: The space is accessible for those with mobility challenges. Please let us know if you have a need for additional accommodations. We ask that meditators keep their eyes open and focus fifty percent of their attention on their inner experience and fifty percent on the environment. Anyone may leave the group at any time for any reason.
Bring: Your mask or face shield; weather-appropriate outerwear; signs expressing your concerns.
[Image: a photograph by Rebecca Andersson of a group of people in masks, meditating in front of the (In)Justice Center, some sitting, some standing, with physical distance between those who do not live in the same household.]
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