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Tomorrow at 6 PM – 10 PM
52–79°F Mostly Sunny
We will be protesting at the Multnomah County Sheriff Dept against police brutality and to get justice. This will be a peaceful protest. We are also asking if you can donate water and supplies that would be awesome so we can stay hydrated out there.
Also a note from Gresham Antifa:
We are once again calling upon ALL Anti-Fascists & Black Lives Matter supporters to attend the upcoming Troutdale, OR BLM event THIS upcoming Saturday at 6pm August, 29th organized by ‘Fairview Stand Up: For Black Lives Matter’ movement. We were informed through our email just the other day that a Far-Right vigilante group called: “Gresham Guardians” plan to come and harass the peaceful rally/protest. Since, the event will be held inside the City of Troutdale; it’s almost an guarantee Alt-Right Fascist types will be making a presence to intimidate. We’ve been in contact with the organizers and they VERY MUCH would like us to ensure protesters including the event remain safe.
Please, join us this Saturday: August, 29th at 6pm-10pm to protect the Black Lives Matter event held outside the former Troutdale Police Station (It’s now the Multnomah County Sheriff station) against pretty-likely fascist aggression. People like: Alan Swinney & his Alt-Right Fascist goons will likely make an appearance to instigate alongside the Gresham Guardians. We all held it down on August, 26th we can do it again! Mask up, bring water & other supplies as requested by the organizers to donate, and be in bloc. We keep us safe!
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