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PCC Cascade parking lot behind Student Services. Albina near Killingsworth.
Please wear masks and try to stay in your vehicle.
Orientation Video: rb.gy/50zrw4
Please watch complete video before participating. (Even our seasoned friends!)

Sparked by the murder of George Floyd and in honor of her grandson Quanice Hayes,
Donna Hayes and her best friend launched a protest for Justice and in support of Black
Lives for folks who are health cautious because of Covid 19 and also may have limited
mobility. Families, first-time protesters and folks who claim they haven’t protested since the
Vietnam War have lifted their voices together since June 12. More than half are first time
participants. Over 2000 Portlanders have participated in 30 plus Caravans since June each
with their own call to Justice emblazoned on their car.
Donna’s invitation to bring your own message makes for a diverse set of voices connected
in one impressive display of unity. BLM, Defund the police, Justice for Breonna and many,
many other victims of injustice both national and local are pictured on people’s cars. Special
groups have joined us bearing messages of solidarity including individuals from the
Japanese American Citizens League, Native American Lawyers for Black Lives and
members of the Disabled Community who highlighted disabled Black Americans who have
been killed by police.
There is a new route released for every date that takes drivers past important landmarks in
the Black Community, homes of mothers who have lost their children to police violence, and
through many neighborhood streets that have never seen a protest before. From SE 145th
and Powell to St Johns to the West Hills to NE Hollywood, neighbors pop out from side
streets and porches with homemade signs reflecting the Caravans messages. Fists rise out
of sunroofs of passing traffic. Horns blast and people cheer. There is always at least one
curmudgeon willing to flip a finger, but overall, this Caravan shows that there is a full
breadth of people of all ages and abilities who are filling the streets and calling for change.
With the assistance of Motorcycle volunteers (they are amazing!), the car
drivers are prepared every Saturday to safely block intersections for each other so that the
entire Caravan may remain together. Because some blocked drivers can be impatient,
Saturdays do see a few more curmudgeons. Our messages of Love and Justice outweighs
any of them. Good job, Portland.
Donna Hayes, the Black founder and heart of this Caravan, is the Grandmother of Quanice
Hayes who at age 17 was killed in 2017 while on his knees by Portland Police officer, Andrew Hearst who has not been held accountable.


[Image description: Rectangular event poster with two red triangles on the left and right sides of the poster forming a black hourglass shape in the center of the page. A red illustration of a car with a red arc are in the very center of the image. In both red and white font, the following event details are both above and below the illustration: “PDX Car Caravan Protest. Black Lives Matter! End police brutality! No justice, no peace! Winder 2020-21. Saturdays: 12/19, 1/16 and 2/20. Back Lot PCC Cascade off Albina. Please mask up and remain in your car. Meet at 1:00. Depart at 1:30. Mandatory Traffic Orientation before departure. Please watch video in advance: rb.gy/50zrw4. Check Social Media for Updates and Changes. Facebook: PDX Car Caravan Protest. Twitter @pdxcarcaravan. pdxcarprotest@gmail.com”]

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