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From Symbiosis PDX on Instagram:

This is a call to people of the Pacific Northwest to take action in workplaces, neighborhoods, and mutual aid groups to oppose authoritarianism and racist violence in the wake of the upcoming election. An opening rally for a week of action will occur at noon on Wednesday, November 4th at the North Park Blocks, where we will hold space throughout the day.

We must become organized and send a clear message that we will not tolerate election theft, nor will we tolerate a two-party system that serves only the wealthy, and are instead committed to building a truly just and equitable society. We ask urban and rural community members, tenants, workers, affinity groups, unions, and more to join us in a wave of community action beginning November 4th. We cannot pay rent, so we will not pay rent. We cannot safely work, so we will not work. Talk to your community about what you can do to fight for the kind of change that won’t come from either party.

By shutting down business as usual, defending our communities, and building a web of mutual aid projects and neighborhood assemblies, we can form new community support structures to sustain long term opposition. We can work to take care of our communities’ needs ourselves. We join the People’s Strike campaign in calling for nationwide sustained resistance after the election, and echo calls for international resistance to fascism in the first week of November. We’re in a crisis – let’s act like it.

We call for the people of the Pacific Northwest to plan actions united by the following principles.

1. No Trump! No Election Theft
2. Black Lives Matter – End Racist Policing
3. Decolonize – This Is Indigenous Land
4. Mutual Aid – Share Resources
5. Neighborhood Organizing – Build Neighborhood Assemblies
6. Take Direct Action – Disrupt Business As Usual
7. Housing is a Right – Resist Evictions
8. Reproductive Justice – Defend the Right to Choose
9. Strike for Power – Our Labor Is Ours
10. Build Urban-Rural Connections
11. Solidarity with All Oppressed Peoples
12. We Protect Us – We Defend Ourselves
13. Migrant Justice – End Border Militarization
14. Support Worldwide Liberation – Stop the Global Fascist Agenda

Fellow coalition members making this call: Popular Mobilization (PopMob), Symbiosis PDX, The Youth Liberation Front, Revolutionary Abolitionist Group, Willamette Action Collective, Portland Democratic Socialists of America, Rural Organizing Project, Direct Action Alliance, and Portland Rising Tide


Image description: “November 4. Rally 2 PM. March 5 PM. N. Park Blocks, PDX. November 7. Rally @ the Capitol. Salem, time TBA.” A block of text in light grey font in front of a white background with a repeating list of demands with an illustration of two activists with their fists raised wearing mask superimposed. The activists are each holding signs: “November 4-11.” “Week of Action.” Behind the activists is a red trapezoid shape behind them. Below the illustration is the following text of supporting organizations and groups: “PopMob, Symbiosis PDX, PNW Youth Liberation Front, Revolutionary Abolitionist Group, Willamette Action Committee, Portland Democratic Socialists of America, Rural Organizing Project, Direct Action Alliance, Portland Rising Tide, Rose City Antifa, Never Again Action. Info: pnw_can@riseup.net bit.ly/pnwAction”

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