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From Red House on Mississippi on Instagram:

JOIN US FOR TODAY’S PRESS CONFERENCE ✨ We’ll be fully digital today to share some breaking updates from the Kinney family. Need a refresher on the past few weeks and months? Head to our website to read the Kinney family story and read up on our past press releases! (And for those who’ve been asking, all content on our website is either written or co-written and approved by the Kinney family.) We’ll release a zoom link on our website today at 4pm. We’ve worked out a few technical hitches since our last press conference so we should be prepared to admit as many folks who’d like to attend.

Background photo taken last week by Sean Bascom. Check out his work on Instagram and Twitter @baaascom 🌿

[Image: a red-tinted, nighttime view of the Red House eviction blockade, taken from the alley facing north onto albina. In the foreground left is the outdoor shower and toilet, a telephone pole, and a cooler. At the bottom of the hill, in the background, the corner of the blue canopy mutual aid tent sticks out. Two figures in bloc sit around a fire beneath a different blue canopy, while a person in the back talks on the phone. Behind the camp, bright lights from a luxury high-rise apartment building shine through trees. Multiple barricades can be seen stretching north on Albina. Overlaid on top of the image is white text that reads along the top of the frame: “Press conference, Fri, December 18 @ 5PM PST.” Smaller text in white at the bottom reads: “Join digitally via Zoom. Link released on website at 4pm.]

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