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From @accesscenteredmovement on Instagram:

“Happening Tuesday! We often feel like we have a never ending well of grief—between ancestral grief, trauma, systemic oppression, illness, isolation, loss of ability, loss of close ones, climate crisis and more—there is so much to grieve. Many of us spend years feeling that we can’t tolerate tapping into this well. When we finally do, there are the same number of years worth of grief inside. Grief has a purpose: it teaches us about love and what is sacred. It has a purpose in our nervous systems. How can we be resourced enough to connect with this part without feeling overwhelmed? How can we begin to love grief? How do grief and the ventral vagus nerve connect?
Using IFS, cranial sacral techniques, gentle movement, somatics, and Earth-based wisdom, we will be invited to connect with our deepest parts and our deepest wells of grief in a trauma-informed space.”


[Image description: a photograph of a metal bucket on top of the brick well, a beige color block with brown writing that says, “root down low,” another color block with brown writing that says, “well of grief” with white writing below that says, “edition.”. In white writing there is, “Tuesdays at 5 PM PST” Brick colored color block with black writing that says, “Polyvagal-informed somatics and craniosacral techniques to cultivate awareness of and befriend our autonomic nervous systems; learn to self and co-regulate; heal trauma, chronic fatigue and pain; experience joy; and root down low.” ACM logo to the bottom right that is a purple triangle with rainbow outline and vertical all capital white letters spelling ACM.] (sourced from @accesscenteredmovement on Instagram)

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