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On October 6th, Silent Voices will be released digitally and available internationally for home viewing, sharing, watch groups and house parties. Please share with everyone you know in Portland and beyond. Silent Voices poster created by @jdaugh.

[Image description: on a black background, the faces of actors Fyndi Jermany, playing Kendra James, and Solamon Ibe, playing Moose Quanice Hayes, back to back, with dramatic lighting. Above their faces, in white lettering resembling a movie poster, are the following words: SILENT VOICES (space) A Film by Donna Hayes (space) in memory of Kendra James, Quanice Hayes (space) and all those whose lives were taken by police. Below the faces, in white letters: Premiere Screening (space) Tuesday October 6th (space) Presented by Snack Bloc – outdoor location TBA. At the bottom, in smaller letters: Made possible with support from (space) logos and names of the following organizations: Snack Bloc Portland, Portland Playhouse, Shrine13, PDX Car Caravan, Pacific Northwest Family Circle, Don’t Shoot PDX, Gear provided by Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center. Invisible but important: poster created by @jdaugh.]

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