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Oregon State Legislature’s police reform committee meets online to take public comments on bills that focus on use of force.  The committee needs to hear from people who will be directly impacted.

Submit via email: JTPUFR.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov

Oral testimony (registration closes 2hrs before start time, 2 mins per person): https://survey.sjc1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4SEZeBGQKvNR0c5

Committee Agenda: tinyurl.com/JTPUFR-Sep3


LC 742 (LC 17)

Directs use of chemical weapons and munitions to be aimed only at specific individuals in a crowd, avoiding the individuals head.

LRAD may only be used for announcmentes never as an acoustic weapon.

Police must take injured persons “to safety.”

Police may not use proxy agencies for crowd control.

NOTE: The origninal text of this bill banned chemical weapons use, limited impact munitions, upheld rights for medics and press, allowed injured persons to sue police with a fund created to assis with legal costs.  ALL OF THESE ASPECTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED.


LC 743 (LC 18)

Requires police uniformes clearly display identifying name or number.

Requires agencies to assist in identifying an officer when requested by a member of the public.

Excludes tribal police from requirements.


LC 746

Imposes limitations on arbitrators’ decisions concerning alleged misconduct by law enforcement officers.


LC 747

Relating to arrestee well-being.


LC 762 (LC 19)

Directs Department of Public Safety Standards and Training to establish publicly available database of misconduct.


LC 763 (LC 20)

Directs Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to establish statewide database of reports of use of physical force by peace officers and corrections officers.



Relating to identifying patters or practices of misconduct by peace officers or by officials or employees of any governmental agency.


LC 825

Relating to qualified immunity.


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