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Kevin Peterson Jr’s family is ready to march for truth and justice this weekend. The first priority will be to support Kevin’s family and friends, and respect their wishes. We are going to Vancouver for KP, not to engage chuds.
We’ve been talking for a month about how this story has been lied about, glossed over, and ignored. We’ve been talking about how KP’s vigil turned into a chud war. Let’s reset on all of that and be a force that cannot be ignored. Let’s shine light on the corruption.
This event is Black-led. If you or your AG want to be of help, please let me know.
Thank you again. Please share the flyer across your networks and remember what we’re focused on. Please spread this far and wide. Let’s get 1,000 ppl out.
— Mac Smiff– Activist, Organizer @MacSmiff


[Image description: Greyscale photograph of Kevin Peterson, Jr. smiling and looking down while wearing a suit and bowtie. Behind the photograph are a series of images of vigils and protests on his behalf. Superimposed over all is the following text: On behalf of the family. Sunday December 6th 1PM. Vigil & Peaceful March for Justice. Kevin Peterson, JR. Meet: US Bank. 6829 NE Highway 99, Vancouver, WA 98665]

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